Narcissus, The Ever-Envied

The Grass Pokemaster


Narcissus is a very handsome young man with dark brown hair, glasses and is often seen wearing his crown of flowers. He is feisty, and able to get anything accomplished. Some may underestimate him for being the youngest in the party group but his extreme skill with Pokemon gives him a step up above the rest.


Narcissus, The Ever-Envied, was once research assistant to Professor Yew, the most influential Pokemon researcher in the Tanako Region. Just four days before our journey starts, the good professor received a letter from Professor Sycamore, Pokemon Professor of the Sominian Region. It detailed a new discovery he made and Professor Yew sent Narcissus to gather whatever information he could about the subject. Narcissus took off on the S.S. Margery to find Professor Sycamore in the city of Thalomion. Upon reaching the city, Narcissus finds Professor Sycamore’s lab and enters it wondering what the professor could have discovered. As he went to greet the professor, Sycamore turned around with a rabid snarl, no longer was the professor there, just a living husk, that hungered for Narcissus’ brain. With one swift move he delivers a killing blow to the zombies head with the closest weapon at hand, a capture sphere. Shocked by the turn of events Narcissus runs out of the destroyed lab, now knowing no one, failing to get the research with no way to get home. His only possession of note: A capture sphere with crimson red bloodstains.

Narcissus, The Ever-Envied

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