The Dream Apparatus

Chapter 2: Into The Woods
The Paras, The Witch and The Whipped Creme

Our heroes journey into the Sylviann Grove and are instantly set upon by two small groups of wolves that the group is able to smartly dispatch. Seeking the Archemage’s tower, they head due South only to find a hungry rock golem. They made many efforts to get by it, but eventually settled on Ragnar’s plan to find more crystals for him to eat. They traveled back and took the Eastern path that led them to a witch’s poison apple grove and her cottage. The witch herself was already dead inside, but the group found some various herbs and a chest. The chest contained a transifguration spell and the chest cursed Reza Shah Mohammed Pahlavi and Tarnil Fiarin when it was opened drastically hurting their abilities to speak. Traveling in the opposite direction, the group finds a large pond with hundreds of eels inside. After talking and grappling a lever at the bottom, the group figures out that poisoning the water would be the safest bet. With the eels dead, Jarl Fritzheraldson, The Berserker jumps in and retrieves the lever head and pulls the completed lever in order to reveal a cave on the other side. Inside the cave, Ragnar collects the much needed crystals, Narcissus, The Ever-Envied catches his first Pokemon and Tarnil Fiarin starts solving a puzzle that leaves himself and Narcissus, The Ever-Envied blind a covered in creme. They are also able to claim the Sword of 1000 Truths. They meet back at the clearing, have a rest and are now ready to pass the golem.

Golem-ist – Reza Shah – Really hated that golem, guess he was an infidel.
Rhyme Time – Tarnil Fiarin – His Rhymes were the best of all timez.
1/719 – Narcissus, The Ever-Envied – Caught his first Pokemon.
Hoes before Bros – Jarl Fritzheraldson – >:( <—-Mad Face.
1 Hit KO – Ragnar – Pew Pew Pew Mutha Fukka.

Chapter 1: Good 'Old Backstory
Where We Learn To Play

In the first chapter of this “epic adventure”, the characters join together inexplicably, without even knowing each other’s names, to answer the King’s call for brave adventurers. They go to Thalomion’s barracks to meet the battle master to participate in three tasks to prove their worthiness; one of skill, one of strength and one of wit. They first start with strength and battled a horde of decomposing, and somewhat famous, zombies. With no experience to begin with, our heroes are able to role dice, shoot arrows and heal teammates as well as any professionals (If such a thing exists). After killing the last zombie the group moved onto the wit challenge where 3 simple riddles were answered. Last but not least, for the skill challenge the party tightrope-walked, sniped, grappled and climbed their way to five rings. Being the first group to complete these challenges, they met with the king who told them that they needed to get a device called The Dream Apparatus to restore the land. First they would need to travel to the Archmage Somerset’s tower to gather more information. Ragnar, very politely asked the King for some more gold, and with more money in their pockets they left to sleep in the cities streets. After Narcissus was mugged in the night they continue on to see what lies in store for them in the Sylvainn Grove.

MEDIC! – Reza Shah – Saved a player from Death.
Crit King – Tarnil Fiarin – 5 crits in one encouter.
Beggar – Narcissus, The Ever-Envied – Has no Gold.
Zombie Food – Jarl Fritzheraldson – Self explanatory.
Aquire Currency – Ragnar – Intimidated 25 gold for the group.

Website Now Live
The Adventure Begins (Kinda)

The website is now live for everyone to use. In addition to me posting on here, anyone can sign in through Google or Facebook and change or add pages that you deem necessary. We are looking to start our first meeting Thursday April 3rd. Bring a pencil and any dice or important papers you have. Good Luck and Good Rolls.

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