The Dream Apparatus

Chapter 1: Good 'Old Backstory

Where We Learn To Play

In the first chapter of this “epic adventure”, the characters join together inexplicably, without even knowing each other’s names, to answer the King’s call for brave adventurers. They go to Thalomion’s barracks to meet the battle master to participate in three tasks to prove their worthiness; one of skill, one of strength and one of wit. They first start with strength and battled a horde of decomposing, and somewhat famous, zombies. With no experience to begin with, our heroes are able to role dice, shoot arrows and heal teammates as well as any professionals (If such a thing exists). After killing the last zombie the group moved onto the wit challenge where 3 simple riddles were answered. Last but not least, for the skill challenge the party tightrope-walked, sniped, grappled and climbed their way to five rings. Being the first group to complete these challenges, they met with the king who told them that they needed to get a device called The Dream Apparatus to restore the land. First they would need to travel to the Archmage Somerset’s tower to gather more information. Ragnar, very politely asked the King for some more gold, and with more money in their pockets they left to sleep in the cities streets. After Narcissus was mugged in the night they continue on to see what lies in store for them in the Sylvainn Grove.

MEDIC! – Reza Shah – Saved a player from Death.
Crit King – Tarnil Fiarin – 5 crits in one encouter.
Beggar – Narcissus, The Ever-Envied – Has no Gold.
Zombie Food – Jarl Fritzheraldson – Self explanatory.
Aquire Currency – Ragnar – Intimidated 25 gold for the group.


The_Distinguished_Gent The_Distinguished_Gent

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