Tarnil Fiarin, Son of the God of Murder

Knife Fighter Extraordinaire


An average height human with an impressive collection of blades. Being a knife fighter he is adept at throwing his deadly weapons, and is not afraid to take out his razor sharp rapier for a coup de grace.


Tarnil Fiarin, was born and has lived in the city of Thalomion his entire life. Orphaned at the age of five by a bloodthirsty horde of demons brought on by the evil Draco-Lich who brought darkness to Sominia all those years ago. Scavenging for food, he was brought under the wing of a small band of thieves. They raised him and taught him everything they knew about the art of knife fighting. He lives a relatively normal life in Thalomion stealing what he needs to live, never once being caught.

Tarnil Fiarin, Son of the God of Murder

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