Jarl Fritzheraldson, The Berserker

The Relentless Viking


Nordic man with a deep voice. He has blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He is strong and fair, as well as the most brutal and fearsome warrior of all who lived in the town of Valfarna.


Jarl Fritzheraldson, The Berserker was once the mighty Jarl of Valfarna. One day many winters ago, his peaceful city was invaded by a rival band of Vikings, the Invisagoths, a group of greedy Nordic men who have the power to turn invisible. He was to be executed that very day, but under the cover of night broke out of the small cell they kept him in; proceeding to go into a full out beserker rage killing man after man, until he stole a longboat and cast off, leaving his city behind, a Jarl no longer. He sailed for thirty days, catching fish with his bare hands by night for food, and by the gods good graces, drinking rainwater to survive. On the thirtieth day, his boat landed on Sominia’s eastern shores. He spends the weeks before our quest chopping logs at Thalomion’s mill for coin, which he would usually drink away, mourning the lost of his home, his friends and all he knew.

Jarl Fritzheraldson, The Berserker

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