The Extraplanar Hero


Ragnar looks human, but with a few exceptions. His skin is a dusky gray, a trait that being born on the Plane of Shadows has given him, and sometimes in extremes of emotion he will “bleed” shadows. His eyes and hair are jet black. Lastly and most noticeable of all, like Most Shadar-Kai he is covered with a web of scars, gained in countless fights.


Ragnar is the Shadar-Kai’s greatest archer. Being born on the Plane of Shadows and eventually conquering all it held, the Shadar-Kai made a great clockwork doorway, a miracle of both mechanism and magic. Entering the doorway allows the Shadar-Kai that entered it to travel between the different planes. With no one left to fight on their own plane, the Spartan-like Shadar-Kai travel to other planes in order to conquer or save them. Ragnar has been the most successful in this respect, saving hundreds of worlds from collapsing into darkness, and bringing those that are into the light. His appearance in our quest can only mean things are about to become much better for the inhabitants of Sominia.