Reza Shah Mohammed Pahlavi

The Sand God's Disciple


Reza Shah Mohammed Pahlavi, is a half Orc Cleric. He has a great beard, green tinged skin and has never been seen without his turban.


Reza Shah Mohammed Pahlavi was born in a small Orc village in West Sominia. Like all young Orc children he was raised believing in Allah, the Sand God. His father Reza Khan was the most devout believer in all of the Quiraquean Desert. At the age of 18 Reza Khan asked Reza Shah Mohammed Pahlavi to go East and bring as many people under Allah as possible. As a parting gift, Reza Khan gave to his son the turban that he has yet to take off to this day. Reza Shah Mohammed Pahlavi traveled all the way to the large city of Thalomion where he runs a small Mosque in slums of the city. He knows he can get more followers, but not until he has proven that Allah, the Sand God can lead people to do extraordinary things.

Reza Shah Mohammed Pahlavi

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